Appliance Repair Simi Valley

Appliance Repair Simi Valley

Appliance Repair Simi Valley

EG Appliance Repair is a professional repair company which offers its qualified service now already to residents and companies in Simi Valley. We’ve worked for many years and we enjoy the trust of our clients.

Electrical Appliance Repair

We cannot imagine our life without various technical appliances and their repair becomes a real challenge in today’s speedy life. We specialize in fixing and repairing small and big technical and electrical appliances both for private homeowners and local businesses.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair Service

EG Appliance Repair specialists will easily solve this task by providing you with guaranteed repair of your Refrigerators and Freezers including their installation and reinstallation. We have in stock the main refrigerating system details required for repair process which will also save your time and health.

Air Conditioner Repair and Heating Repair

Heating and Air conditioning systems need to be checked after a certain period of time to prevent their tear and wear. Our EG Appliance Repair team can fix the problems connected with all the types of AC Repair, Heater and Gas Heater Repair including Gas Furness Repair and parts replacement.