Appliance Repair Canoga Park

Do you know how the perfect morning looks like? It begins with a cup of coffee and fresh show. But what to do, if the water heater isn`t working, the coffee machine has broken down and a washing machine completely refuses to work? It means that your shower is canceled and you won`t drink your coffee, and then call us.

Your home appliance is broken? Call the experts of our company

If TV suddenly stopped to please you with a colorful image, a washing machine bothers with a loud noise, you have a simple choice: to look upset for the repairmen and all these days live with broken appliances, or to obtain a qualified appliance repair Canoga Park.

Why we?

Working with us, you will save money and time. Our professionals run diagnostics and repair any type of appliances at the same day with guarantee. Choosing “EG Appliance Repair“, you get the services of the highest level in short time.

Also, the main spheres of our occupation are: Appliance Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Gas Heater Repair, Heater Repair, Air Conditioning repair (Install, Reinstall), AC Repair (Fix), Washer & Dryer Repair, Heating Repair, etc.

“EG Appliance Repair” is waiting for you

How to contact us? You can call this telephone number (818) 633 – 2178. We are welcome to help you!